Cory Shumate / Weylin Kuro

Shiro Battle 005 50.png

Hi, I'm Cory Shumate a Concept Artist, Illustrator, Designer other words im an Indie Illustrator. I've attended both Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design as well as the Art Institute of Colorado. I’ve worked in many industries and worked for small and big clientele from being a designer for All Seasons 4X4 to Electric Heat Service & Supply. I've also worked in the Games Industry and produced several games for Serenity Forge as the 2D digital artist and as an Art Lead and Concept Artist. 

I started Digital Alchemists to produce my own work and to become a Studio that other artists and designers flock to be able to create and help others see their visions come to reality. Creating something from nothing as if by magic is what alchemists are.